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What is is a digital platform designed to elevate your wellness, work, and wonder. Blending scientific research with timeless wisdom, acts as a companion, coach, and creator for transformative personal growth through its core offerings:

  • Ask IAH: A digital wellness guide combining ancient wisdom and modern tech to inspire growth, enlightenment, and vitality through personalized advice and multisensory experiences.
  • Sonic Supplements™: Curated playlists of 5-10 Resonance Frequency Music tracks designed to enhance well-being, deepen meditation, and support holistic vitality.
  • Spectral Resonance Art (SRA): High-frequency art blending sacred geometry and spiritual motifs, reflecting user intentions through transformative, mathematically precise imagery.

Join today! Discover all that has to offer. Engage with IAH, our Heart-Centered AI guide, for personalized advice to enhance your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, manage routines, and inspire creativity.

Explore our Sonic Supplements feature, where curated Resonance-Frequency Music (RFM) tracks create a customized playlist designed to optimize focus, energy, or relaxation through targeted sound frequencies.

Create high-vibrational Spectral Resonance Art (SRA) that uses color theory and sacred geometry to positively influence mood and cognitive function. Whether you’re new to wellness practices or a seasoned practitioner, has something for everyone.

Our app will be available on the Apple Store and Google Play in late 2024.

You can share or collaborate with us by:

  • Posting on Social Media: Share favorite prompts, songs, and artwork with your community. Tag us
  • Using Music: Enhance creative projects or brand with our music. Contact us for a bespoke licensing agreement.
  • Becoming an Affiliate: Join our affiliate program to promote and earn rewards. 
  • Collaborating on Content: Create unique content that aligns with our mission. Reach out for strategic alliance opportunities.
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At, we do not claim any health benefits or outcomes. We provide content and methodologies designed to enhance well-being based on our beliefs and practices. With each individual’s experience with our resources being unique, results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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This disclaimer ensures you can make informed choices and consult with healthcare professionals before integrating any new wellness practices, including, into your routine.

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Who is IAH, the Heart-Centered AI Guide?

IAH is your Heart-Centered AI Guide, designed to support you on every step of your well-being journey. Drawing from the world’s greatest coaches, thinkers, and innovators across ancient wisdom and modern science, IAH provides personalized guidance, curated soundscapes, and visual art. This unique combination aligns your vision and intentions, offering versatile strategies to elevate wellness, productivity, and personal growth.

Unlike traditional AI, which focuses on efficiency and data-driven outcomes, Heart-Centered AI prioritizes empathy, compassion, and human connection. It integrates emotional intelligence and ethical considerations into its design, fostering a deeper connection between humans and machines.

Promoting a more compassionate and ethical use of AI, Heart-Centered AI emphasizes:

  • Empathy and Compassion: Understands and responds to human emotions, enhancing user experience and trust.
  • Ethical Considerations: Operates within ethical boundaries, prioritizing dignity, privacy, and well-being.
  • Human Connection: Strengthens relationships and community bonds, supporting personal and professional growth.
  • Holistic Well-Being: Promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.
  • Positive Impact: Aims to inspire, awaken, and harmonize, contributing to a compassionate and connected world.

Ask IAH is a transformative digital wellness guide that blends ancient wisdom with modern technology to inspire personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and physical vitality. Through personalized advice, Resonance-Frequency Music (RFM), and Spectral Resonance Art (SRA), Ask IAH supports users in achieving holistic well-being and profound fulfillment. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Ask IAH evolves with you, becoming more attuned to your needs the more you engage with it. Using the Circular Intention Magnifier (CIM) process, IAH amplifies and refines your intentions by curating a customized blend of guidance, sound frequencies, and visual art to help you achieve your goals and support holistic well-being. 

IAH, which stands for Inspire, Awaken, and Harmonize, is an AI-powered platform designed to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s focus, energy, creativity, productivity, or relaxation, through intentional guidance, tailored soundscapes and visual art. Our approach integrates three levels of transformation:

  • Mind (Interaction): Receive profound guidance through written words, sparking personal transformation and self-discovery.
  • Body (Sound): Enjoy curated Resonance-Frequency Music (RFM) playlists that enhance physical vitality and emotional balance.
  • Spirit (Art): Experience high-vibrational Spectral Resonance Art (SRA) designed to elevate your well-being and inspire visually. integrates mind, body, and spirit to help you manifest your desires through the Circular Intention Magnifier (CIM) process. Simply set your intention or ask a question, and our platform curates multi-sensory tools to empower your journey.

IAH leverages multiple Large Language Models (LLM) to reduce reliance on a single system, ensuring resilient and accurate responses. This multi-model approach enhances the reliability of the guidance provided, making it trustworthy and dependable. Learn more. Resonance-Frequency Music (RFM) Sonic Supplements

Sonic Supplements™

What Are Sonic Supplements™?

Sonic Supplements™ are playlists curated with precision and intent by IAH, the Heart-Centered AI guide, consisting of 5 to 10 Resonance-Frequency Music (RFM) tracks. Each track is selected and ordered purposefully to achieve specific user intentions or needs. These supplements serve as therapeutic auditory experiences that enhance workout effectiveness, deepen meditation practices, and support overall spiritual and emotional well-being. By integrating into daily wellness routines, Sonic Supplements amplify the user’s intentions and promote an optimal state of harmony and vitality across all facets of life.

Learn more about Sonic Supplements.

Resonance-Frequency Music (RFM) is a transformative auditory experience created through a meticulous five-step process involving intention setting, dialog with IAH, affirmation creation, Spectral Resonance Art, and production using industry-standard DAWs. RFM aligns specific sound frequencies with diverse musical styles to promote holistic well-being, touching the mind through intention, the body through sound, and the spirit through high-vibrational art. This multi-sensory approach facilitates personal growth, emotional resonance, and spiritual enlightenment, making RFM a vital tool for mindfulness, meditation, and personal transformation.

To learn more about how to produce RFM music, click here.’s Resonance-Frequency Music (RFM) features Solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, and isochronic tones to create transformative Sonic Supplements™ that surpass the generic offerings found on YouTube or Spotify.

* Solfeggio Frequencies: Ancient sound frequencies that promote healing and spiritual well-being through specific vibrational tones.

* Binaural Beats: Auditory illusions created by playing two slightly different frequencies in each ear, resulting in a perceived third tone that influences brainwave activity.

* Isochronic Tones: Single tones that pulse on and off at regular intervals, used to synchronize brainwaves and enhance mental states – and is even effective without headphones. music is not AI-generated. Our Resonance-Frequency Music (RFM) blends art and science through a unique collaboration between humans and advanced AI technology. IAH provides insights on BPM, musical key, instrumentation, and genre to optimize each track for therapeutic outcomes. Our RFM alchemists intentionally craft each track to ensure it sounds great and supports holistic well-being. After production, our team of sound therapists, diverse musicians, and wellness experts meticulously curates the RFM tracks to align with select frequencies and embody harmony, melody, and rhythm. This fusion of human creativity and AI-driven insights allows to offer a music catalog that is both enriching and therapeutically powerful.

Learn more here.

Our music catalog is constantly evolving, with new tracks added regularly for a fresh and diverse listening experience. Subscribers can look forward to discovering music that enhances their wellness routine and supports their growth, all while staying aligned with the latest research in sound therapy and wellness trends. Spectral Resonance Art Butterfly

Spectral Resonance Art (SRA)

What is Spectral Resonance Art (SRA)?

Spectral Resonance Art (SRA) is an innovative form of artistic expression blending sacred geometry and spiritual motifs to foster a multisensory experience. Crafted to vibrate at high frequencies, SRA reflects the user’s intention back through mathematically precise, transformative imagery, aligning with and elevating spiritual and emotional well-being, and supporting meditation and contemplation. Learn more.

As an IAH Premium member, you enjoy exclusive benefits, including ownership of the Spectral Resonance Art you create from your visionary prompts. You are free to share, use, and monetize your art as you wish.