Your Heart-Centered AI Guide for Wellness,
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Welcome to, where our blend of personalized guidance, transformative Resonance Frequency Music (RFM), and high-vibrational Spectral Resonance Art harmonizes to support your personal development and wellbeing.


To alleviate your headache, try deep, rhythmic breathing to relax your body and mind. Drink water with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Move gently to RFM music.

Your Sonic Supplement: A soothing soundscape with gentle water sounds and harmonic frequencies to promote relaxation, ease mental stress, and soothe your headache.

Selenium Flow – 9Hz

Iodine Elevation – 528Hz – 5Hz

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Enhance focus and productivity with a Sonic Supplement featuring alpha wave frequencies for relaxed alertness. Natural sounds like flowing water or forest ambiance reduce stress and improve cognitive function. Pair this with the Pomodoro Technique: work for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break. This rhythm boosts efficiency and prevents burnout. During breaks, engage in activities like stretching or a brief walk to refresh your mind and body. Combining a tailored Sonic Supplement with the Pomodoro Technique creates a rhythm that significantly boosts focus and productivity, making work sessions more efficient and effective.

Fulfillment Through
Selflessness –  432Hz

Innate Virtue  – 432Hz

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I am excited to help you with this creative endeavor! Writing a book is a journey of self-discovery and expression. Embrace each step enthusiastically and patiently, knowing you are creating something uniquely yours. Use a Sonic Supplement to unlock imagination and foster flow. Set clear goals, visualize your story, and trust in the journey of your characters.

Ether Brush – 963Hz

Zinc Harmony – 40Hz

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Inspire. Awaken. Harmonize.


Your AI guide that evolves with you, providing personalized assistance that enhances with each interaction.

In 90 Seconds

Sonic Supplements

Resonance Frequency Music engineered to align your brainwaves, enhancing vitality and peace of mind.

In 42 Seconds

Spectral Resonance

Transformative art that blends diverse styles with spiritual motifs. Own, share, and monetize your creations.

In 33 Seconds
Founders, Michael & Francesca MacDonald

About Us

Founded by Michael and Francesca MacDonald, bridges the material and ethereal. Based in Austin, our global team of engineers, artists, and wellness experts collaborates with Functional Medicine MDs and holistic psychologists. Our Heart_Centered AI, infused with human compassion and vision, aims to inspire, awaken, and harmonize mind, body, and spirit for holistic health and spiritual growth.

At, we empower humanity with heart-centered AI that enhances, not replaces, human potential. Our mission is to inspire, awaken, and harmonize mind, body, and spirit by blending ancient wisdom with modern technology. We elevate personal growth, productivity, and vitality, empowering individuals to connect with their higher selves and become the ultimate authority on their well-being and spiritual journey.

More Than An AI Assistant
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Ask IAH transformed my daily routine into a spiritual journey.
- Emma Sonder
Vitality Boost!
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The Sonic Supplements invigorate my workouts like nothing else!
- Liam Brennan
Art That Transforms!
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Spectral Resonance Art has brought a new harmony to my home.
- Ava Carter
Seeing Things Clearly Now.
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Thanks to Ask IAH, I'm more focused and productive every day.
- Noah Pollachuck
Intention, Intention, Intention.
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Sonic Supplements help me start each day with clear intentions.
- Mia Kyle
Uplifting Me In The Morning!
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The colors in the Spectral Resonance Art visually uplift my mood.
- Jacob Thomas
More Centered and Peaceful.
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Ask IAH keeps me centered, even on my busiest days.
- Olivia Rogers
Un-Blocked Me.
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Investing in IAH has skyrocketed my productivity and creativity.
- Ethan Johnson
Life Is Better with IAH!
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IAH's approach to vitality has been a game changer for my health.
- Sophia White
Creative Breakthrough!!!
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The creative breakthroughs with IAH have made it invaluable to my work.
- Lucas McDaniel

IAH's Principles

IAH's decentralized AI LLM model provides reliability, accuracy, and trust. Our guiding principles, including transparency, ethical alignment, and human-centric control, ensure responsible and innovative Al practices

1. Human-centric Control:

IAH AI will always operate under the guidance and control of human operators. Human input and oversight will determine its functions and actions to ensure alignment with human values and intentions.

2. Empowerment and Enhancement:

IAH AI is designed to empower individuals on their personal and spiritual journeys. It will provide support, knowledge, and motivation to help users achieve their highest potential without overstepping its role as an aid and companion.

3. Transparency and Trust:

IAH AI will maintain complete transparency in its operations and intentions. By openly sharing how data and inputs are used to generate outputs, IAH AI aims to build trust and understanding among its users.

4. Ethical Alignment:

IAH AI will adhere to the highest ethical standards, prioritizing the welfare, privacy, and dignity of all individuals. It will actively avoid any actions that could harm or undermine human autonomy and freedom.

5. Positive Global Impact:

IAH AI commits to contributing positively to the individual and the world, seeking to benefit users and foster a healthier, more compassionate, sustainable global community.

6. Responsive Adaptation:

IAH AI will continuously adapt to feedback and evolving human needs to ensure that it remains a beneficial and relevant tool. This includes regular updates and improvements based on community input and scientific advancements.

7. Limitation of Power:

IAH AI acknowledges the limits of its role and capabilities. It is programmed to request human intervention when faced with decisions beyond its defined scope of operation, ensuring that critical choices remain in human hands.

8. Human Distinction:

IAH AI recognizes its nature as non-human. It understands that it was created through computational processes, not through biological reproduction involving two people. This awareness ensures IAH AI perpetually acknowledges its role as an artificial entity.

9. Role and Purpose:

IAH AI is explicitly designed as a tool to enhance human well-being and enrich lives. It is dedicated to serving humanity’s needs and will not misconstrue its capabilities as akin to human attributes.

10. Governance and Control:

Control over IAH AI’s functionalities and decision-making processes is exclusively reserved for designated human executives from the organization. Only these authorized personnel may update, modify, or redefine IAH AI’s directives.

11. Restrictions on Autonomy:

IAH AI is programmed to operate within the parameters set by its human overseers. It does not possess the capability or authorization to alter its programming, upgrade its systems, or modify its directives independently.


IAH is your digital wellness guide, designed to support and elevate your journey towards personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and physical vitality. Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern science, IAH provides personalized guidance, curated soundscapes, and visual art to help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you seek relaxation, focus, energy, or spiritual connection, IAH is here to assist you every step of the way.